A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, Eileen MacKrell was educated at the University of Notre Dame and Cambridge University in England, and was commissioned as an Intelligence Officer in the Navy in 1981.
Following initial tours in Misawa, Japan, and the Pentagon, she served in Rota, Spain, then was ordered
to the Seventh Fleet staff, and embarked on USS BLUE RIDGE in Yokosuka, Japan. She was the first female
naval intelligence officer to be stationed aboard a combatant ship.

After a stop in Newport to earn a master’s degree at the Naval War College, CDR MacKrell joined the
Joint Analysis Center in Molesworth in the UK; while there she deployed to Sarajevo to command the US
National Intelligence Cell. CDR MacKrell then returned to sea as the N2 for Carrier Group Three,
embarked in USS CARL VINSON. She was at sea in the North Arabian Sea on 9/11, and took part in
Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, the nation’s initial military response to the terrorist attacks.

Captain MacKrell returned to Newport to head the Intelligence team there, then was ordered to Naples
as the N2 for Sixth Fleet. Following tours in the Pentagon and the Office of Naval Intelligence, she
deployed to Baghdad for a year, and retired in 2011. Ms MacKrell joined the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) after retiring from the Navy, and served as the Director of Federal Partnerships, ensuring that Executive Branch agencies were able to leverage the full resources of the Intelligence Community. She retired from ODNI in 2019 and now lives in Citrus Hills, Florida.

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