Female Veterans Network - Treasurer Jane Mundis

Jane graduated from Southwestern High School in Hanover, PA in June of 1966 with a Clerical Ed. Diploma. She enlisted in the Navy on August 12, 1966, in Philadelphia PA. Upon graduation from Boot Camp in Bainbridge MD, Jane received orders for Great Lakes, IL. her school of choice, Photomate, she was given a chance to work in the
Galley, which required her to report to the galley at 4:00 in the morning OR clean the
Women’s Barracks starting at 8:00! Definitely a no brainer 8:00 it was!

For six months that assignment was Jane’s. Along with that duty, fortunately, for six months more Jane had the opportunity to receive on the job training at the base photo lab.
During the years following, Jane completed Photo School NATTU, NAS in Pensacola Fl. and served at Whiting Field, FL Photo Lab in 1968 and then in 1971 at the Naval Photographic Center, Washington DC in the Color Lab Dept.

She received ” Sailor Of The Quarter” Award from Capt. Lee, Commanding Officer
on 26 Jan 73 and was Honorably Discharged PH2 Petty Officer 2nd Class. In October of 1973 Jane enlisted in the Naval Reserves in Scotia, NY. The Scotia Reserve Center, which was shut down in 1975, at which time all personnel was transferred to Albany, NY. During her time in the Reserves, she experienced seven different short-lived Commands., due to which forced her to make a career change from her specialty as a Photomate to a Mess Specialist (cook). She advanced to the next pay grade as MS 1, but unfortunately, she didn’t get much training as MS, because her commanding officer decided that she would make a great Command Career Counselor.

While living in NY, Jane ran and operated a professional photo lab in Amsterdam for
enjoying the work in the photo business, she had the opportunity to
Jane’s car mechanic convinced her and two of her friends toand so it came to pass. They did very well for of her co-owners received military orders out of state, and that led to them closing and selling the business in July of 1985.

Shortly afterward, Jane moved to Norwich CT, where she continued her Reserve time with Fleet Hospital She was fortunate to get a job with a law firm in New York and in 1989 she was transferred to NR Fleet Hosp CombatTZ 7Det F. Jane completed her tour of duty with the Reserves in December of 1990. Ten days later the Navy froze all retirements, and her Unit deployed to Desert Storm.  Jane retired from the Law Firm in the Fall of 2011 and moved to Florida to enjoy her retirement and leaving a 9 to 5 job.

You would think at this point she would be living the life of leisure, but NO! Jan keeps herself very busy as Treasurer for the Female Veterans Network, Secretary for the Fleet Reserve Association, Sergeant of Arms for the American Legion and a member of the Homosassa Civic Club.  As busy as she is in the community, Jane reflects and feels that if she had spare time, she would be enjoying those things that she likes most, such as Softball, Bowling, Golf and fishing.

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