The Female Veterans Network, Inc. 

is a 501(c)(3), all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping veterans.
100% of all contributions are retained by Female Veterans Network, Inc.

Female Veterans Network was formed in 2017 to unite female veterans and develop camaraderie. In order to accomplish this, we provide a place to meet where we can discuss the issues and causes that are important and unique to female veterans, and to develop solutions for them, as well as promote the sharing, gathering of knowledge and information regarding female veterans from all branches of the military. We work to recognize and thank all the women who have served and are serving in the military today, and to help female veterans in need as well as being involved in our community. 

We honor our past and are focused on our future. Women have been involved in wars and peacetime since the Revolutionary War, helping to preserve our liberties and keep our country free and safe. More than 2 million women have served in the US Armed Forces starting throughout our history, from the American Revolution to the current day. Members of our organization have served in all branches of the military and in every conflict from WWII through Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as in peacetime.

Why do we need a group-specific to female veterans? 

There are situations that are important and unique to female veterans that male veterans don’t necessarily understand or experience. The challenges, choices and successes encountered by women throughout their military careers, from issues of discrimination to juggling family and a job, have far-reaching implications for all women in our society. Military women’s struggle for equal opportunity and pay mirrors the struggles of their civilian counterparts.

Military women’s service and patriotism have been catalysts for both political and social change. These changes, however, have not come without hardships such as harassment and lack of recognition, both within and outside the military. One of the issues the Female Veterans’ Network seeks to address is providing camaraderie for women veterans. The sisterhood experienced by women serving in the military virtually disappears once their service is complete. 

There are an estimated 1500 female veterans who currently call Citrus County home. 

We believe this large population of women veterans would benefit from the assistance and camaraderie of an organization oriented specifically to them. A major goal for our organization is to acquire more of a visible presence in our community. Our first major step toward this goal was to erect the Female Veterans Monument which proudly stands at the Historic Old Courthouse in Inverness and recognizes female veterans from all branches of the military, past, and present. 

We could not have accomplished this goal without the generosity of so many
citizens and patriots right here in Citrus County. We are infinitely grateful.


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